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Traveling for me is not just a hobby, but a way of life. It teaches me to be happy. My fondest memories still remain backpacking to 9 countries and 24 cities in a span of 3 months as an exchange student. Innumerable train journeys meandering through intensely beautiful landscapes meeting diverse yet intertwined cultures.

In my present, I’m always on the lookout for extended weekends. I never stop daydreaming and planning for my next destination!

My ultimate travel bucket list is to set foot on Antarctica, island hop in Greece, a New Zealand road trip & spotting a tiger at Bandipur!

– S.J

I believe I am a multitasker, who is managing the right balance between work and home. On a weekend, when I have couple of hours to myself, I love to spend time with my son, catchup with my good old friends and love to read books. My favorite authors include J K Rowling, Sidney Sheldon, Dan Brown, Robin Cook.

I believe in enjoying the moment and try to take vacations to spend quality time with family and visit new places. Visiting North East India and going to Kaziranga to see the one horned rhino had been my dream trip which I took recently.

– N.P

Cycling has always been my passion. I think I started late, but wanted to make it big to compensate. Cycling to Goa was my dream and the flexibility AQ gave me, allowed me to make this dream a reality last September. I cycled from Bangalore to Goa and back to make a 11 day exciting trip which covered about 1500 kms. Spending 10 to 11 hours on the cycle for 10 days was an enduring journey. The sense of accomplishment once I came back made it totally worth it.

– K.S

There is something truly magical and mystifying about Hindustani classical music. The melody from traditional instruments like, sitar, harmonium and tabla can lighten up one’s spirit within seconds, it is immensely divine. The numerous ragas will leave you spellbound and captivated. I have recently started training in Hindustani vocals and I am loving every bit of it. I also enjoy long walks in the parks and exploring cafes around the city (big time coffee lover). In office I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by enthusiastic people full of energy.

– A.P

How is it like to make new year resolutions? Exciting isn’t it! But how about actually following that?
Something that is more to happen in an imaginary world in today’s materialistic matters…

Well, it wasn’t that tough a task either, except getting up at 3 in the morning every fortnight &… enjoying the beauty on a saddle that Mother Nature has to offer! The real fun begins, where roads end!!!

Nowadays when someone asks me how many kilos you are, I revert in km’s.

– S.P

The best thing about the world is art. I love the fact that AQ encourages all sorts of art, be it music, drawing, poetry or story writing. Whenever I get time I play on my piano/melodica, or write some poems and stories. I like playing Chess too. Currently I am learning to draw cartoons. Other than that, I am a walking calendar. Give me a date and I will tell you the day of that date!

– A.D.P

I believe little things in life create the biggest smiles..Sketching, photography, road trips, night outs, are those little things that make a big difference in my life.

To me, sketching is a peace mantra – keeps me calm, relaxed and focused. It allows me to sit back and sketch a picture at my own pace. There are no rules and no one telling me what to someone said “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have!!”.

I often go on long adventurous trips and enjoy taking pictures of nature. One of the new things I tried recently was Scuba Diving – a thrilling experience when you are 20 km away from the coast and all you can see is clear water. Next on my bucket list is Sky diving 😉.

– C.A

Adventure has always been there on my sleeve since childhood. No matter how big or small the adventure is, it always revolves around challenge, courage, inspiration & discovery. However, for me, actual life embarked when I stepped out of my comfort zone. That’s when all the magic happened.

Now, life is a dance and I am enjoying it. I took swimming classes, go for cycling on weekends and explore new treks. Being a National Taekwando player, I was missing sports in my life because of my studies and job. Now I am getting back in the ring all prepared. When you love yourself more than materialistic things, life simply becomes light and easy – that’s what AQ’s work culture has taught me.

– NS

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