April, 2019

They got to know their co-workers and had a blast doing so.

We welcome all our new joinees and hope their years ahead are as exciting as their first day.

AQ welcomed a batch of new joinees with an exciting treasure hunt!

They followed a series of fun and interactive clues to their very own goodie bag.


April, 2019

The AQ Storytellers band blew us away with a spectacular performance & we thoroughly enjoyed the innovative photo booths by Wiztales.

We welcomed our guests from Kantar and had a thrilling talk show hosted by our favorite in house MC.

The AQ party came early this year.

We had all the fun, dancing and laughing that defines all our parties, but also a whole lot of new things.


March, 2019

Adding a splash of color to spread happiness.

We truly enjoyed the radiant air.

Holi at AQ was colorful and vibrant.

Everyone gathered along with their families and friends to celebrate together.


March, 2019

AQ has a long-standing connection with the Rakshana Foundation and this year we were committed to raising more funds than ever before.

AQbians took on the challenge of putting up stalls with food and games.

We had a wonderfully successful event and managed to raise the funds we required for the foundation.

It was a busy day that ended with a thrilling round of Tambola.


March, 2019

We celebrated Women's Day with a series of events this year. We kicked off with a sharing session with the women of AQ, where we discussed creating a safe and supportive environment at the workplace.

The highlight was an engaging panel discussion on work-life balance, workplace recognition, equal pay and equal opportunity for women.

This was followed by a very fun and uplifting Karaoke session and we got to see some true hidden talents of AQbians.

Our panellists included Tina Garg (Founder of Pink Lemonade), Induleka Aravind (Assistant Editor of Economic Times newspaper), Shubha Narayanan (Consultant in the social sector) and Pritha Choudhuri (co-founder & first CEO of AQ).


February, 2019

We had an enthralling chess tournament in the office.

Every match was gripping and neck to neck.

After 2 weeks and 13 rounds of tournaments, we had a well-deserved winner!

We are eagerly waiting for the next set of tournaments!


January, 2019

We had a fun filled day at AQ this Sankranti.

Kite flying is by no means a friendly pass time that people indulge in for the festival and we had some closely fought contests that took place mid-air.

The office looked spectacular with colourful Rangoli and sugarcane which is a typical distribute of the festival.

We had an enthralling kite-war while enjoying the beautiful weather.


December, 2018

Christmas at AQ was enthralling. 5 teams, 6 events and two winners.

We had a gripping Jam session, alongside some great illustration skills being showcased in Pictionary.

Some great theatre displayed in Charades and vocabulary in 5-second rule.

The quiz got us thinking while the bay decoration transformed the office. It was indeed a wonderful way to end the year.


December, 2018

December truly is the most engaging month of the year at AQ!

Tensions were high as the AQ Table Tennis Championship was also underway!

We had a show of talent and some world class table tennis at the AQ office.

A huge shout out to all the winners!


December, 2018

The first ever AQ Football League brought some amazing talent to the forefront!

We saw teamwork, skills, and precision at its best.

Introducing our teams: The Red Devils, The Gunners, Synergy United FC, Team Slytherin, Les Bleus, and Consumer Packaged Goals!

Energy levels were soaring and our winning team Les Bleus deserves a shout out for all the effort and dedication.


5th November, 2018

Team work at it's best with multiple rounds of Antakshari.

Keeping the energy level high with a gripping game of Tambola.

We bought in the festival of lights at AQ with a bang. Here's how we celebrated.

Bringing in the festive season with beautiful mehndi designs and a display of creativity in the Rangoli competition.


30th October, 2018

As AQ turned 10 this year, we wanted to do something different.

We thought of getting all our employees to do something interesting and get their creative hats on.

So we asked our employees to create a doodle around the theme of 'AQ'.

Our employees truly surprised us and blew us away with their creative ideas!


6th August, 2018

This 'Friendship's Day' we celebrated by exchanging friendship bands!

The day was filled with smiles & laughter. Three cheers to all our wonderful friends!


20th July, 2018

As part of the AQ Induction Program, the freshers participated in a series of interesting activities and sessions.

They gave us a flavor of their talent by performing spoofs of famous movies and TV shows. The left us on the edge of our seats through their hilarious renditions.

We have new talent amongst us who are brimming with energy and enthusiasm.

We wanted everyone to get to know them. So we organized a 'Freshers Party' to give them a grand AQ welcome.


25th May, 2018

Children bring life to any environment, even if it is an office.

So we thought, why not have a 'Bring your kids to work day' for all our parents at AQ.

The office was filled with high energy, laughter and fun!

It was a fantastic way for the children to learn about their parent's work.