Well I started 2016 with Shiva Trilogy. If you haven’t read these books, please hit the bookstore asap. These are one of the finest works of Amish Tripathi. The flow of the story is amazing. Although it took me more time to finish the third one. It is a bit slow, but then Amish compensated that by a mind-boggling Climax to the book. I wish to see a movie made on these books and I believe Farhan Akhtar will play the character of Shiva perfectly.

Then I shifted to romantic novels. Well as they say there are moods and I have a habit of reading novels depending on the moods/ state of mind. I read back to back three romantic novels. Not a big fan of either Durjoy Datta or Ravinder Singh. However, these books were a good read, especially if you are travelling. They were more like quick snacks. I remember finishing off one of these books in 5hrs train journey.

After getting over with my romantic mood, I was looking for my next book. And one of my friend who has deep interest in history and mythology suggested Ashwin Sanghi’s books. He has a way of telling the Indian history in a contemporary way. I loved his style of story-telling. People who want to get a feel of mythology in the form of fiction go for his books. Among his books, I read the following two – Chanakya’s Chant and Sailkot Saga.

Then I was looking for inspiration and found these two books. Coincidentally, both the books are based on Women. I was looking to draw inspiration from personalities and I encountered these two books. I was so inspired by them that I went on to write blog entries on them too.

Then in the later part of the year I stuck to fiction only. The White Tiger will simply show you the harsh realities of the world outside. I bet you will start looking the world with different perspective. Clifton Chronicles Series by Jeffrey Archer is another among the fiction novels I took up. This series has 7 books and I started with Book 3 – Best Kept Secret. Well it was not on purpose, purely out of ignorance. Then the last one ‘See Me’ by Nicholas Sparks is a special one. Well I was once again in romantic mood and this book helped me a lot.

Well the count for 2016 is 13 books. This is a personal record for me. However, then there was atleast half an dozen other books which I started but they couldn’t hold my attention for long.

Now as 2017 has started , I have already started my reading journey. As of today, I am reading three books simultaneously. I aim to double my count by the end of 2017. Hope for best and best of luck to myself 🙂 And please recommend books for me to read in 2018.

I am a firm believer that knowledge builds up like compound interest.I am a life long learner, avid football fan and occasional blogger.

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